2009 Goals

A regular reader of Joel Spolsky’s blog, Joel on Software, I was reading about his company’s goals for 2009 (Goals). Some of the goals are specific (e.g. his first point, Ship FogBugz 7.0 for all platforms), while others are much more general (e.g. Build a kick-ass new product from the ground up with the summer interns, and get the first dollar of customer revenue before they go back to school). I thought I would put together a list of some of my goals, from a professional standpoint, for 2009.

  • Complete all outstanding contracts and move into the maintenance stage of the software lifecycle with them
  • Pick up one new contract per month which can be completed in about that amount of time and then turned into a maintenance contract
  • Take a few courses that would expose me to new technologies
  • Continue to learn C# and become familiar with the .NET framework to a level where I would be considered “competent”

Of course, there are likely other objectives which may be reached during the climb to these goals. I will continue to update this list, or, more likely, post a new list, in about 6 months, when my efforts during the first half of the year can be quantified, and my goals for the second half of the year refined.