How Best to Comment on a Corporate Blog

This is #7 on Chris Brogan’s list of 100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write.

First of all, I am aware that I skipped #6 on the list. Thank you for noticing.

I personally do not have a corporate blog, and know of only 1 company which does. However, were I to want to post on a corporate blog, I would be sure to use the following as a basic guideline:

  1. Stay on topic, and stay interesting. While a blog gives you room for some freedom in terms of what to say, and a way to informally interact with a company, it is not an open door to say anything to the company. If the post you are commenting on is about a new product being marketed, don’t comment about their stock performance unless you are posting along the lines of “How will this new product affect your stock performance in the near future” or something similar.
  2. Ask questions, post feedback, let other people know what you think. Writing “Great post!” does not tell anyone anything.
  3. If you wouldn’t write it in a letter to the company, think twice before you post it on their blog.
  4. The entire world will see your post, as far as you’re concerned. Check it for spelling and basic grammar before you click post.
  5. Be polite. While you may think this is a license to complain about the company or one of their products for the whole world to see, if you are rude and crass, your post is more likely to be deleted.