Business Proposals

I have my first business proposal sometime next week. I’m meeting with someone who is a potential client AND a potential investor to describe my idea, the research I have already done into it, and to get buy-in from them. I’m actually not trying to get any money from them at this point, but I’m aware that it is a possibility.

I know that I should ask him to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and I will, but I’m not sure if he will sign. Probably will, though, as I know this guy fairly well, and it would get back to him if he tried to steal my idea. Also, he’s not technical, and therefore the details of my idea are quite possibly beyond him, so from his perspective, he may as well pay me to develop this idea as well as pay anyone else.

I’m still trying to figure out the pitch, though. I don’t want to go too technical, as that’s not the point. Currently what I need from him is to get access to people that can help me with the research. So he needs to know, in high level terms, what it is I’m thinking of. Since he may become an investor as well, he needs to know what the estimated cost of developing this solution is, and why. Time frames are important, but are hard to judge until the research is complete (I did plan a research period followed by a development period, but currently the time frames for development are completely tentative).

Can anyone think of other aspects of the idea I should probably cover? Also, what format should my presentation be in? I can throw together a document outlining the idea, or I can put together a PowerPoint presentation and bring my laptop (if he has a projector available, since I don’t). However, this is an initial meeting to see if there is interest, and perhaps a presentation like that at this stage is overkill.