How I Find Blogging Ideas

This is #9 on Chris Brogan’s list of 100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write.

I read the paper every day, and so I am fairly caught up on current events. I’m working on building a business, so I do a fair amount of reading along those topics. I read other peoples blogs using the WordPress Readomatic. As well, I am an avid reader, and am constantly reading novels, going through 2 to 5 novels a week. I spend time on LinkedIn and Facebook, reading what my friends and associates are doing, as well as belonging to several groups and following their discussions.

With the amount of reading I do, it should not be surprising that I will come across ideas or statements that pique my interest. When that happens, it will often be the source of another article. Some get written immediately, others sit around for a while.

The only exception to this is Chris Brogan’s list, which I came across via a friend’s blog ( and who opened a challenge to see who could get through the list first. I’m usually up for a challenge, and so I started writing on those topics. I did find a few items in the list to which I cannot relate (for example, #6: How Flickr Did It Right) and skipped over those. The list, however, did provide me with ideas for starting articles on days that I want to write, but for some reason, can’t be inspired to come up with a topic.