My Children Will Do It Differently

This is #11 on Chris Brogan’s list of 100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write.

Until I was 17, most of my life was spent in school. At the parochial schools I went to, a typical day started at 7:30 AM (6 days a week) and didn’t end until about 9:30 PM (5 days a week). This did not leave a lot of time for many extra-curricular activities. Not only that, but I was in school from September through the end of July, with a single month of summer vacation. Getting a job for the summer was difficult at best, because I could only work for 4 weeks. Camp was an option some years, not others, depending on the exact dates for the start and end of the school year.

My children will not have to do this. They will go to schools with reasonable hours. They will participate in extra-curricular activities. They will have time off each summer to go to camp or get a job. Fortunately for them, there are more options available today for parochial schools, and so I do not have to choose between lifestyle and beliefs.