Parnasafest Toronto – A Networking Success

I attended ParnasaFest here in Toronto tonight, and it was, in my opinion, a fabulous success. There were over 80 people in attendance, from a variety of professions. People were friendly, open and willing to talk. The speaker was great, getting people to think about why they were there (it’s facinating how many people can’t answer that question, but more on that later) and helping them to introduce themselves better.

The evening began with people getting a name tag and dropping a business card in a jar for a later draw. There was a local sponsor, SaveUtel Communications who were giving away some mugs as they talked about how they save companies money on their cell phone bills. A few other people had arrived on the early side as well, and over the next 30 minutes, the room filled with people introducing themselves.

After a while, Ida Shessel of Let Us Facilitate was introduced. She talked about the Million Dollar Moment, and the importance of making a good first introduction. She provided some tips on what she termed the Best-Test 2 sentence introduction:

  1. Say who you are, and what you do, in a creative manner. List one of your skills (Best) that you would like to focus the conversation on.
  2. Give an example (Test) of how you applied that skill.

For example, your Best-Test sentences might be: Hi, I’m Elie, and I help my clients get the technology solutions they need. Last week, I helped set up a client with a new website and inventory software along with fresh templates for their business newsletter.

The conversations after the short presentation were renewed with fresh enthusiasm. I met several people over the course of the evening, some of whom I may be able to assist, others who may be able to send me some business. Overall, I would rank the evening a success.

The issue I had, and shared with the organizers, was that as an event advertised as helping people find jobs, there was a shortage of employers there. However, time will tell whether that was a major issue or not, as people may still find jobs as a result of the evening. For the follow-up, tentatively scheduled for about 8 weeks from now, they aim to get more employers and recruiters to attend. I wish them the best of luck, and look forward to attending once again.