Protect Your Name and Reputation

A piece of advice to anyone venturing online – protect your name and reputation. Specifically, I am referring to preventing information from being posted under your name, when in fact it is not you. This means that if someone were to search for your name, you can be sure that what turns up is actually you.

There are two parts to this. First, locate your name as a domain name. In my case, that would be Make sure that if the domain name is available, you own it. That will prevent someone else from:

  1. Buying the domain and trying to sell it back to you for a lot more.
  2. Buying the domain and posting information in your name.

Next, ensure that you search for your own name on a regular basis. Go through the hits, and make sure information that is out of date is updated, and that your reputation is not being sullied by someone else posting negative information about you. While you can’t stop negative information from being posted, you can try to make sure it disappears under a mountain of positive information.

A domain name is cheap: about $10 per year. Buying back your reputation  is not.