Technology Can Slow You Down

I’m working on a project that has been passed through a couple of iterations of design. A project that was scheduled to take a few months is now about to be released, over a year later. Why? Technology slowed us down.

For this project, one of the people involved decided to make use of a new technology which no one in the company had ever used before, along with a second technology for which we had limited experience available to us. The selling point for those technologies was that they were supposed to be easy to develop in.

Now, at the end of the project, the issues holding us up are directly related to those 2 technologies. Quite literally, they slow the program down. We’ve reached the point where some of us on the project are seriously considering rewriting those sections of the application. We figure that with 2 of us working on this using our downtime, we can get those sections of the program rewritten by the end of the month, in time for the program to go to production on its current schedule.

Perhaps this time technology will actually make things faster.