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April 2009

Developing a Personal Brand

I have had a few discussions recently regarding the definition of a personal brand, and how you might go about developing one. This topic is of particular interest to small business owners, as having a recognized personal brand is usually associated with increased sales, but you also need to take in consideration what public you […]

The Customer is Always Right… Sometimes

When negotiating with clients, is the customer always right? Elie provides a brief discussion of the issues involved.

Benefits of a Mentor

Are you running a small business? If you don’t already have a mentor, here’s why you should start looking for one.

New Edition of Site Published

I published a new version of my website for Optimal Upgrade Consulting which can be found here. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

What is Your Image Worth

Your image is built of many components. You may not realize it, but you are always broadcasting an image. Is it the right one?

Decision Making Process

In any company or business, there is a process for making decisions. It may not be a formal or rigid process, or perhaps not a very complex process, but it exists. For example, a decision to switch brands of coffee might be made by Joe, who is the one who stocks the kitchen. A decision […]

Email Overload and Prompt Replies

The information superhighway is stuck in eternal gridlock during a blizzard, with the volume of information increasing at an exponential rate while the ability to locate quality information consistently decreases. How can you maintain a semblance of control over your ever-expanding inbox?

New Website

After listening to people’s comments on the design and layout of my website, I have changed the look. The content will be updated over the next few days, but comments on the design, layout, and style are welcome.