Parnasa Fest 2

There are a few reasons to host a part 2 to Parnasa Fest, or, in fact, any networking event:

  1. Networking takes times. The first time you meet someone, they don’t know you, and therefore, may be reluctant to refer you to another associate. Only time can build your credibility, so seeing them at multiple networking events helps you meet them again.
  2. The first event was a success, as measured by the number of people who turned out, as well as by the fact that at least one referral (probably more, but I only know of one specific case) was made as a direct result of Parnasa Fest. This can help ensure that even more people turn out for the next event.
  3. There was something missing in the first event that would have made the event better: more hiring companies. One of the aims of the next event will be to get other recruitment firms to attend, as well as representatives from companies that are actively hiring (yes, a few such companies exist even in a lousy economy).

That being said, if you know of a company that is hiring, or if you have a connection to a recruitment firm, located in the GTA, please pass on that information and perhaps help someone get a job.