Post Parnasa Fest Toronto II

Last night was the second round of Parnasa Fest in Toronto. While the turnout at the event could have been better (about 30 – 40 people came), it did teach me something new about small networking events.

At a small networking event, you will have the opportunity to speak to every person in the room. I now know how 30 people can help others, and how I can help them. In a larger group, I find that you get caught in a much smaller group of people with whom you talk at length, and don’t learn anything about the majority of the people in the room.

The second benefit to the evening was the ability to reconnect with several people whom I had met at the first Parnasa Fest, and speak to some of them for a little longer than I had before. This is one of the benefits to holding a series of events, as it provides the opportunity to really grow your network by establishing a relationship of sorts with people I would be unlikely to meet otherwise.