Conception to Creation of a Business Idea

I’ve been exchanging e-mails with a few people about some ideas for new websites. Currently, there are 4 of these ideas that I would categorize as active – several exchanges of information per week on average. When looking at each idea, and how they differ from one another, I realized that there are some people who don’t understand the difference between conceptualize and create.

A successful site will begin its existence as a concept. The designer, or creator of the site has an idea – wouldn’t it be great if there was a site that could provide this service or maybe something along the lines of I can’t stand using this website, but I need the service they offer, and there isn’t a good alternative. Many ideas reach this stage, and a few make it further.

During the next stage, the concept becomes more solid. For example, details of the service could be outlined, or the creator lists out the specific issues they have with a particular site. This part of the process can take minutes, hours, days, or years. The end result, however, is a description of a need, and how it will be filled. (Note that this is not specific to a website, it is the same rule that applies to any business.)

Finally, list in hand, general specifications outlined, the creator approaches the people who can turn the idea into something more concrete, and the work commences. Creation has been reached.

The reason I outline this is because some people do not understand the difference between the first stage (I hate using site and the stage where development can begin. Going to a developer and saying build me a site like, but better will not become a success unless you can also specify what it is about that you don’t like, and what special features you will offer as an improvement over the competition.