Venture into Social Media

I am currently working on a new service for my business, and I’m looking for some feedback on ways to improve or modify the service. To get you started, I’ve outlined the general steps that this service takes.

  1. Initial consult with a business: I meet with a business and determine what their target market is, and what kind of effort they are willing to put in to capture that market.
  2. Goal setting: We determine what the objectives of the venture into social media is – sales from the website, drive traffic into the store, provide more information, etc. We also determine how to measure the success of the venture using specific metrics.
  3. Background research: I investigate what similar businesses, both locally and around the world, are doing in terms of social media – which aspects of social media are being used, and what are they being used for.
  4. Brainstorming: I come up with ideas of how social media could be used to bring the business to the attention of their target market.
  5. Strategy Planning: I develop a plan to make use of the ideas generated in the brainstorming stage, and how each idea will work with the others, and the existing business model, to increase the visibility of the business in the target market.
  6. Implementation: We take the plan created in the previous step, and implement it, while measuring the changes according to the terms defined in the second stage.

The hardest part, I have found, is coming up with new ways to make use of social media. Everyone wants to be on the cutting edge, and doing something different. What is key here is to see the ways innovation is changing the digital world, and how that can be harnessed for a particular business.