Bell Business Reports Review

I recently came across a blog called Bell Business Reports while browsing through questions on Linked In. (The blog itself can be found here, or find it later listed in my Blog Roll). Laura Bell, author of the blog, was requesting a link exchange, but once I read through some of her articles, I realized that here was yet another opportunity to connect with other people sharing similar types of information (but not the same, as I’ll describe in a moment).

Her most recent article, at the time of this writing, is about a show called Shark Tank, which is aired on ABC. This is the American version of Dragon’s Den, a show which has versions running in over a dozen countries. The premise of the show is simple – entrepreneurs pitch their products and companies to a panel of wealthy investors, who then choose whether or not they want to invest in the company. The precise rules, as well as who is on the panel, varies between the shows.

In Laura’s review of Shark Tank, she discusses several mistakes being made by entrepreneurs when pitching their products, from failing to have a realistic valuation for their company, to being stuck in the prototyping stage. She brings  examples from the show of each type of error made.

For an entrepreneur seeking venture capital, such reviews are extremely valuable, as they assist in creating realistic goals in the quest for money, as well as provide a critique of potential pitches.

Having enjoyed the first article, I decided to read more. Her article on the importance of networking () struck home, as this is a topic that I have discussed at length on this site (for a list of some of these articles, click here). Laura did an excellent job of summarizing many of the same issues, as well as some novel issues.

Overall, the writing is very clear, easy to follow, and covers interesting current topics. While you do need a membership to read all the articles at once, you can get access to some of the articles for free. If you have the time, it is definitely worth spending a few minutes browsing to get a better feel for the site.