Dragons' Den Episode 8

I watched the first section of tomorrow night’s episode of Dragons’ Den and really enjoyed it. The first pitch of the episode is for a strong business that made a crucial mistake – they over-valued their business. While they have strong sales and a growing business, the founder of the company forgot to pay himself a salary. The price he quoted was based on revenues of $250,000 per year, however, once he took salary ($100,000 per year), that number fell accordingly, and now his business isn’t worth as much as he said it was.

That being said, I think that other investors may come forward and help Dan Mez of Fitness on the Go with an influx of cash, as his business is fairly successful, and the risk is low.

Of the other pitches coming up, Ocean Organics looks promising, if they can justify their $1.6 million valuation. Scratchlab DJ Institute also looks hopeful with a good idea, and a valuation of $250,000 which they may be able to validate. Looking at some of the other pitches, I have a feeling the show will not only have some good deals, but also some good amusement.