Blogging Guide

Actually, this document is titled “The Income Blogging Guide” and contains a mix of text, audio, and video. It’s free, and was sent to me by Robb Sutton. Considering that Robb generally sends few links, and he gave his recommendation for it, I figured I would give it a look.

BlogTo get your copy, go to the book’s site and enter a name and an e-mail address. Within a few minutes, you’ll have access to 95 pages of instructions, videos, detailed images, and all  the information you need to get your blog up and running.

You can watch a video of Matt Cutts from Google giving a talk at WordCamp 2008 in San Francisco.

Not sure how to set up a website? Click-by-click instructions are included (along with screenshots to help you).

Wanted to know how to find good keywords? What to do with those keywords? The answers are all there.

Best of all, the authors, Andrew Rondeau and Joel Williams, aren’t charging you for this information – because it’s not a trade secret. This is how information about blogging should be distributed – for free, because the answers are all available for free already. In the process, they save you time performing searches of your own, collecting all this information on your own.

So check it out, it can help you get up and running as fast as you can read!