Site Review: SCORE

This week’s feature article is about a great business resource that I use time and time again – SCORE. The basic description of SCORE comes from their site:

SCORE, the “Counselors of America’s Small Business Owners”, is a national association dedicated to helping small business owners form and grow their businesses.

Unfortunately, their own description of themselves falls well short of reality, although it is everything that they claim to be, but also so much more.

I first came across the site when browsing through the Answers pages on LinkedIn where it would be listed on occasion as a resource for small business owners. After that, I started noticing references to the site on a variety of websites I frequent, and decided to check it out. My delay in looking at the site stemmed from the fact that I am in Canada, and the organization is clearly an American organization.

I was delighted to find that, while I could not take advantage of the various counseling and coaching opportunities (extra for all you American readers), there were still many resources that I could make use of.

Business ResourcesThe one feature that I found most useful, however, was the resource section, which includes dozens of document templates, from business plans to sales forecasts, balance sheets to board of advisor drafts. There are also dozens of podcasts on a variety of topics, and I’ve started listening to them as often as I have time. For days when you need some extra motivation? Check out their success stories.

All in all, this site provides many excellent resources for small business owners, regardless of whether or not you are able to make use of the advising facilities offered.