Immigrate to the USA and Start a Company

I was introduced yesterday to a group of people who are looking to assist in reforms to the US Immigration Legislation – to make it easier for people to immigrate to the US and start companies. For my Canadian readers, I’m not sure what the situation is here, but it’s definitely something worth considering as to how it may impact us.

Startup Visa and its various founders know how hard it can be to move to the US in order to start a company. Immigrating to a new country, regardless of the situation, can be difficult. Add in complex legislation that requires you to provide information about future sources of income, and using the explanation of entrepreneur just won’t cut it.

At the same time, the largest growth factors in the economy are from such businesses. Most businesses in Canada and the US are what we would think of as small companies – mostly less than 5 employees, but including up to about 25 employees. It’s these companies that the average person can relate to – the dry cleaners, the corner vegetable stand, the small design company down the street.

In order to facilitate changes to legislation, the founders of Startup Visa are collecting stories and experiences of immigrating to the US, and the difficulties encountered. These will be presented to various members of Congress when they travel to Washington to meet them. If you want to support this endeavor, please click the link to Tweet a short message about your story, or visit their site and leave your story there.