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February 2010

Site Review: Under 30 CEO

There are many people who are tired of working for someone else. Tired of working for some large corporation. Tired of working in a business built by members of previous generations. We have something in common. We belong to Generation Y. I made the discovery of a group of people dedicated to helping members of […]

Fickle Consumers

That’s right, we consumers are a fickle bunch. Today we buy from company A because we heard some great things about them, and tomorrow we run for the hills and look for the local products, because local is in. We like to follow fads, and we’re actually pretty good at doing that. Companies are well […]

Can You Spare Some Time?

A common topic in the programming business is how to avoid doing work for free, or close to it. There are various permutations of this: Job postings offering $50 and “lots more work from my friends” to build a custom built eCommerce site with its own payment processing system Friends asking you to spend an […]

Keep Track of This

Sometimes it’s not how good or bad a product is, or how solid the pitch and the numbers are. Sometimes it’s just about getting a plain return on the investment that will determine whether or not a deal can be struck.

For the Right Price

I was having lunch the other day with an old friend discussing the consulting that I do. He asked me how I come up with prices to quote potential clients, specifically when the work is being done on a project basis, not hourly. After explaining my system to him, I realized that other people likely […]

Competition and Anti-Trust Law

In the markets of the past century, there have been various attempts to achieve the following – to increase the amount of competition in any given market. The reason for laws to govern this is simple – when a small group of individuals or companies controls a segment of the market, they can drive up […]

Site Review – Business Plans

This is a relatively short post, as the site in this case speaks for itself. Business Plans is owned and operated by Palo Alto Software to help other entrepreneurs run better businesses. Their site contains many tools, tutorials, and templates for standard business documents, and will help you answer questions about your startup expenses and […]

Lessons from an Image Fiasco

If you pay attention to news from Toronto, you are likely to know about the various publicity problems that have been plaguing the Toronto Transit Commission, a.k.a. the TTC. A favored target of negative criticism for many years, their recent cost overrun with a street car line coupled with a fare increase, followed by major […]