Site Review: Alltop

I recently had my site added to Small Business on Alltop (scroll down to the bottom – I’m not the last site on the page, but close). This got me thinking about the concept of the site itself, and what it represents.

Alltop, all the top stories

First, for those of you who don’t already know, Alltop is essentially an online magazine rack that displays the latest 5 posts from each magazine (a.k.a. website or blog) in the selection. Those sites are organized by category, and there are thousands available to choose from. You can make a custom page that includes those sites that you’re interested in from the selection available, so that you don’t have to keep searching for them.

In some sense, you might call Alltop a big RSS reader with twist – each feed has been manually reviewed to ensure that it fits within the scope of the site. Yes, you could build your own, and it might not even be that hard – but Alltop is already there, someone else’ responsibility to keep it working, and works really well!

What’s the revenue model? It’s actually quite simple – advertising. Alltop is ranked just over 2,700 according to Alexa globally, so they have more than enough traffic to make this a viable model. There are over 750 topics, each with its own page with available advertising. On the Small Business page, for example, there are 2 large advertising blocks currently populated. A quick look at their advertising page reveals that they accept two sizes of ads, but no pricing information.

Unfortunately, at the moment you’re limited to seeing sites that have been already approved for Alltop in your personalized page. However, you can always submit another site for consideration, and the current selection is quite diverse.

The one other feature that seems to be missing is the ability to search for a particular site. For example, despite the fact that the title of my blog is listed as “Elie Kochman on Business and Networking”, searching for Elie does not turn up any results.

All in all, a great website, with a couple of additional features that may eventually make their way into the site.