Site Review: Under 30 CEO

There are many people who are tired of working for someone else. Tired of working for some large corporation. Tired of working in a business built by members of previous generations. We have something in common.

We belong to Generation Y.

I made the discovery of a group of people dedicated to helping members of Generation Y become their own bosses. I first came across the site on Twitter, following Jared O’Toole, one of the founders of I noticed that he posted links to articles from time to time that I could really relate to, since I write about similar topics on this site, and target a similar audience.

Today, I chatted with Jared on his site, mostly because of a contest that was launched today by BizBreak which he was promoting, in which one lucky entrepreneur will win $3,000 plus half the proceeds of the BizBreak sales over the next 60 days, plus coaching from five successful entrepreneurs. One thing led to the next, and pretty soon I was scanning through the collection of articles, interviews, and resources which Jared and Matt (his co-founder) have collected.

Then I noticed some recent additions to the site (turns out I missed an announcement back in January about the new features).

  • Profiles of various companies. Not big companies. Small ones. The kind that have only been running for a matter of months. Where the founder is the developer, and his cousin is the tester.
  • CEO Interviews. Sure, there’s an interview with Donald Trump right at the top of the page. But there are many more interviews of young CEO’s (under 30) who talk about their stories, their successes, their hard lessons.
  • Consulting – Jared and Matt offer a variety of services, from helping you develop your brand, to polishing your business plan in preparation for a pitch to investors.

If you, like me, are building a business, whether full-time or on the side, consider checking out their site. There’s much to be learned, questions get answered, stories get told.

Who knows? Maybe your story will soon be featured there as well!