Digital Network

This post is a little different than usual. I’ve just taken inventory of my online presence, and wanted to share it with you. Each network or site has strong points, and weak points. I’ve tried to adapt each so that I’m getting as much benefit out of it as possible, and would love to hear how you make use of each of these sites (or others not mentioned here that you think might be useful).

  • Facebook – this is primarily where I keep in touch with family and friends online. While I promote my business there as well, I consider it to be more of a social than professional environment.
  • LinkedIn – my business profile, where I look to establish new connections. My time on the site is spent answering questions and participating in various groups. I keep my profile up to date, and encourage my clients to find me there.
  • Twitter – a news feed over which I have limited control. I try to interact a bit, but mostly, I’m watching, looking for trends, interesting articles, and active news.
  • Google Reader/Buzz – I use this to follow what others are reading. Similar to my use of Twitter, except here I can apply better filters by person. I also pull in various RSS feeds here to provide me with reading material when I have the time.
  • – curious to know what other start-up owners are asking? Check here. I’ve asked questions, and try to provide as many answers as I can.
  • AdviceTap – a small network of consultants, this site is dedicated to issues and questions that consultants of various types face. As I do consulting, this site provides me with valuable information and questions that I can use to further my own business, along with valuable connections.
  • Sprouter – a network devoted to entrepreneurs, this site has a really high ratio of quality content to noise. Again, like Twitter, I try to watch and listen for what others are talking about.
  • Blellow – a varied network, I haven’t really nailed down how to use it for my business, but it isn’t really a social network. So far I’ve gotten some technical answers, seen some interesting work.
  • Stack Overflow – if you’re in a technical position, this site will become a lifesaver. You can get technical answers in a matter of minutes that are specific to your particular scenario.

What sites do you visit for growing your network or your business? How do you find they help you?