Next Generation Appointments

One of my readers was kind enough to send me a link to a piece of software he’s been working on for about a year, and asked if I could provide some feedback. I did what I normally do when I get such requests – I went to his site, spent 3 minutes browsing, and decided that it was worth a second look, and for multiple reasons.

Why write a review?

There are two reasons that I decided to write this review. Normally, I choose to review sites I’ve discovered, products that I like, services I think would be of use to my readers. This service certainly matches that criterion.

The second reason is because of what Edward Lejun, the founder of Setster, wrote to me. He explained that he’s worked on the product for about a year, is looking to expand and add new features, and was wondering if I could help him out. As a fellow entrepreneur, I’m happy to oblige, to help another entrepreneur reach success.

The Product

Setster is an online appointment scheduler, which can be added to sites, and allows you, the visitor to the site, to book appointments by seeing the schedule and selecting an available slot. Based on the type of appointment you request, an appropriate amount of time is allocated.

This product certainly has a variety of applications, from making medical or dental appointments, to scheduling dates. This is precisely the type of service I would want if I were running an office and didn’t want to hire an appointment secretary to schedule my day. It lets clients know your availability, it allows you to control your exposure, and clients in general would like to know that when they call, you’ve blocked your schedule to give them your undivided attention.

The price of the service is pretty good too. There’s a free plan, which allows a single user to book up to 10 appointments per month. Upgrading to Pro Personal gives you an additional 40 appointments at $9.95 per month ,while upgrading to Pro Business gives you 300 appointments and 5 user accounts for $29.95 per month. Changes to your account level can be made at any time, subject to certain conditions.

The balance is pretty good, although a change I would recommend is to remove the limit on the Pro Business account in terms of how many appointments are allowed. As a business owner, that’s not something I want to think about (although 300 appointments works out to about 2 appointments per user per day, but in a doctor’s office, for example, that might not be anywhere close to enough).

Because the service was built with the Intuit Workspace, there’s good integration with other Intuit products, specifically, Quickbooks Online. This also will help Edward Lajun reach a large number of potential clients, so growth should occur as long as he maintains the quality of the application.

Where I think the product could use some help is in terms of what information is provided when an appointment is booked. Currently, there are a limited number of fields. Perhaps adding the ability to attach a file to the appointment would be useful, so that additional information can be provided if necessary.

All in all, I believe that Edward Lajun and Setster have built a viable product that will save its users money and hassle, and it’s merely a matter of good exposure that will propel them to great success.