The Most Important Client

You never know where your next lead will come from.

In any business, there is always the dream client or customer. While the precise details of what constitutes such a customer depend on the exact business, there are a few common factors:

  • The profit margin is high
  • The value of the contract or purchase is large
  • The risk is low (i.e. the customer will pay promptly and the work itself is low-risk)
  • The visibility of the work is high  (i.e. you’ll get good PR from it)
  • The customer is easy to deal with

Often, such a customer can stimulate the growth of a business. These are the customers you want. The only questions you have are:

  • Who will the customer be?
  • When will the customer first show up?

Unfortunately for you, there’s no way to know the answer to these questions in advance. That means that any customer or client you work with could be or become your dream client. Or, any of your existing customers could refer your dream client to you.

However, while you might consider a particular customer to be the most important, the truth is, it’s your dream customer that’s the most important to your business. Therefore, you need to treat all of your current customers as though they were the path to your dream customer, because any one of them might be.

Even when you think you’ve determined who your dream customer is, you still need to treat the rest of your customers the same as your perceived dream client. When your dream client has moved on, or you’re ready to expand and grow your business again, you will once more need to rely on the relationships you established by how you treated your clients to facilitate that growth, and to find your next dream client.

Make sure you treat all your customers like gold. It’s possible that one of them is holding the pot at the end of the rainbow.