Finding the Right Medium

In any business, there is a preferred means of reaching out to potential client. One business might use newspaper ads, another might prefer radio or television, and yet another might focus on their online presence. A solid marketing plan, however, will not only target all of those mediums, but balance them against one another.

In an earlier article, I discussed how your marketing strategy needs to look at who some of your real customers are, and focus on their needs and wants. This should not be taken to mean merely what information to provide, but also through which medium to reach out to them.

For some audiences, the right information might be regarding competition – in other words, you don’t need to convince your consumer of the need for your product, but why your product is better than the alternatives. The right medium, however, would depend on where your ideal consumer looks for information.

  • Is your consumer already in the store to purchase? Then your information might need to be on the packaging.
  • Is your consumer buying online? Your information should be presented on your website.
  • Responding to an article in a trade magazine? Make sure your printed ads have the right information.

A small business will focus on one of these mediums. They may present their information very well in that medium. However, a larger business will have a presence everywhere. A business that wants to grow will, in general, have a solid presentation in all mediums, not merely the one the founder prefers, or excels at.

If you want to expand your business, you need to expand your reach. While that may mean you need to reach out more online, it can also mean that you need to reach out more offline.

  • Have you tried running a small series of ads in a community newspaper?
  • Do you post fliers on bulletin boards in community facilities?
  • Is your website well-built and easy to navigate?
  • Have you considered a small radio or TV ad?

Naturally, some of these options are more expensive than others, and therefore may be out of reach for some businesses. However, with most of these, there are ways to do this on a small budget, and gradually increase that budget as your business grows.

Remember, your customers don’t all hang out in the same places, so make sure they can find you wherever it is that they do like to spend their time.