This is the 200th article on this site, which makes it the topic of today’s article – milestones.

Back in January, I started a schedule of posting 3 articles per week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then, at the end of February, I merged another blog with this one, and increased my publishing frequency to 5 times per week. I have surprised myself by not yet missing a post.

To be honest, when I started the publishing schedule, I didn’t know what I was going to write about in the long-run. While I had many ideas for articles, I didn’t know if I would reach the point of having written 200 articles and going strong. My goal, at least back when I started scheduling posts, was to settle into the schedule, and to reach this stage of having written so much.

What goal was it that brought me to the point of being able to make the statement I write, but I’m not a writer and to have 200 articles published? Why do I bother with all this effort or writing 5 articles every week?

In the article I wrote for WordTree a little while ago, I discussed the reasons that I write and how, over time, it’s the general writing that brings me success, though not any one article or post in particular. Based on that, it would appear that my goal is to attract new clients through my writing.

However, writing 200 posts is really a milestone, because I have now written a sufficient quantity to evaluate what it is I am doing with my site and business.

This is, in fact, the reason to use milestones in the first place. Each milestone provides an achievable goal, and, once reached, can be used to evaluate how past accomplishments are helping you to move forward. Below is my own analysis of my personal achievements, and how they fit into my current goals.


My personal goals, when it comes to the consulting I do, are:

  • to be recognized as knowledgeable in the area of technology as it relates to running a small to medium-sized business;
  • to provide quality advice and service to my clients;
  • to be self-sustaining with both recurring revenues from existing clients and a constant influx of new clients.

This Site

This site helps me reach these goals, though not directly. I don’t get clients directly from the site, nor does it provide me with any real form of revenue. What it does do, however, is assist me in establishing credibility with potential clients. In that, I believe, this site has been a success, and is why I will continue to write articles at the same intensive pace.

Next Steps

The next milestone for this site is not about content, but about context. The content will continue to be expanded on, and extended to new areas. However, my next milestone is regarding the people I meet through my posts.

I’m now looking to establish clients directly through the content on this site, whether by having readers contact me (which has already happened) or by sending prospects to read up on specific articles I’ve already written that would be of interest to them. While I have not yet determined how to quantify success in reaching this “milestone”, it is a short-term goal that provides me with something to strive for in the next several months.