I Hope People Hate My Product

I’m a bit strange, I know, but this sounds weird even for me. Yet it’s true – I really do hope that people hate my product, despise my services. I find it encouraging when someone tells me how awful something I’ve done is.


When I hear someone tell me I did something wrong, I take in a lot more than what that person is saying out loud. I’m listening to the subtle message that perhaps that person isn’t aware they’re sending. It’s a message that they want to like my product.

How does that work? Simple – they care enough about what I’ve done to tell me that it’s wrong. As an example, think about going to a restaurant. If the food and service are passable, then you won’t say much about it. If it’s really bad, you’ll complain to your friends. But if you care about the owner of the restaurant, then you would tell him how awful the experience was, with the hope that he’ll listen to you and make some changes.

Yes, sometimes people will criticize without wanting to help. They’ll complain because that’s the type of person they are. They’ll be vocal in a non-constructive manner.

But people who complain to me about me are the people who want me to do something about it. They might want me to stop completely. But they also might want me to fix the problem. By telling me what a bad job I’m doing, they’re also telling me how I can improve. That is, if I choose to listen to them.

The people who are complacent about my products and services don’t help me sell more. They don’t assist me in improving my offerings, because they don’t tell me what’s wrong. The same can be said for those who love me – in their eyes, I can do no wrong (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea). Those who complain, though, the ones who tell me how badly I do things, they are the ones who are telling me how to make it better.

If you want to get a great product or a fantastic service, you should, like me, hope some people hate it. Only that will help you remove the flaws and improve it to the point of perfection.