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June 2010

An Incomplete Product

I just made a few purchases for my new office space – a desk and a white board. My desk came from Walmart – an L-shaped desk with a hutch in black and cherry finish. I picked it up from the store, dropped it off at the office still in the box and unassembled. The […]

Motivating Productivity

I recently moved into an office with several developers, some of whom are using the space as a kind of co-working space with everything you need for a technical development shop. This office is somewhat unique, in my experience, with many developers with a variety of expertise sharing their experience in a casual environment. Naturally, […]

The Unvalidated Industry

There is one industry which is, perhaps, unique in this respect. Fees run in the thousands of dollars a month. The explanation of what companies in this industry do are such that few people can truly understand them. Reports as to what activity is done on behalf of a particular client are vague, if the […]

True Source of Funding in Canada

In a discussion this week with the owner of another company, I was surprised to hear the following fact: It’s easier to borrow $5 million than it is to borrow $50 thousand. In fact, if all you want is $50,000 then most lending institutions are not really interested in your business. Surprised, I went to […]

Keeping Your Eyes Open

Make sure you’re always listening for opportunities, even though you may not need them yet. When the right opportunity comes your way, make sure you don’t have your eyes shut.

Client Offers

I just received an offer from one of my service providers which read as follows: If every one of our clients switched to paper-less billing, we would save 5,000 trees per month. Switch to paper-less billing and we’ll donate $2 to some environmental organization, plus you’ll be entered for a chance to win $1,000 and […]

Where’s Your Roadmap

If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t get lost. I advise some companies on strategy, helping the owners figure out where their business is today, and where they would like to see it in 5 years. These two pieces of information can then be used to devise a road map for success for […]

Life is a Roller Coaster

I listened to a talk this afternoon in which the speaker started off with a single statement: We all screw up on occasion. While that’s certainly true, it seems that some people are more prone to errors than others. Some people seem to have the Midas touch, with everything they come in contact with turning […]