All Roads Lead Home

In life, there are many paths to take, and many paths for others to take. The reality is that you cannot know in advance which paths will be taken, and which will be ignored. As a result, you must guess which paths will be most traveled, and put your advertisements there. This is akin to placing ads in newspapers – you don’t know which page will be read by your ideal client, but you try your best to predict this information, and hope that you get it right.

Unfortunately, this is not a terribly effective way of reaching your audience. You reach out to one place at a time, and then see whether or not it worked, and then you try something else.

The alternative is to work outward from the destination, and make the target larger. Similar to practicing shooting, you can aim better, or you can get a bigger target. In the same vein, it is also much easier to get a bigger target.

In your business, how do you make yourself a bigger target? Simple – you make it easier for yourself to be found.

I had a discussion with an SEO programmer who explained the difference between on-site and off-site SEO. Essentially, you want to advertise your website better. What performs the actual searching for your website is a program, so you must make that program think your site is a valuable resource on a given topic. Many people referencing your site will do this, but that’s very time consuming, and can take a fairly long time to work. Making your site friendlier to the search engines, however, can have fairly quick results.

In your business, is it clear what it is your business does? Do you have easy ways for people to contact you? Do you provide answers to the questions people typically ask?

Or are you hunkering down and hiding so that you can get some work done?