Good Customer Service

I just got off the phone with my cell phone provider having had a very good experience. This is what customer service should be like – reasonable, helping me figure out what I need, and then getting it for me at a reasonable price.

I’ve been with Telus for seven years, and have always had a positive experience. With the onset of no contract plans and removal of system access fees, coupled with the influx of unlimited plans in Toronto, I felt I could do a bit better than what I was currently getting. Every month, I would worry that I was about to go over my minutes, and quite often I would, resulting in me paying over and above my budgeted amount.

When I first got my plan, it was considered to be quite good, and really serviced my needs, with its unlimited incoming feature. I had a land line available to me, so I could cut the number of outgoing calls to a minimum. Now that my new office doesn’t have a phone, though, my cell phone is my line to the outside world during the day.

I called Customer Loyalty and Retention and explained my new situation. I explained I could get everything I need from a slightly lower quality provider for about $35 per month. I asked what he could do.

He looked at my usage, and figured out how many minutes I would really need, then added some for padding. He gave me early evenings to cut the time that I would rely on my minutes. He tossed in voicemail and caller id. He tossed in a new phone (standard with a contract, I know, but with the other provider, I would have had to buy a phone).

In short, he gave me what I needed, at a price I was okay with paying. He worked with me, and so Telus not only retained me as a customer, but gained another as I switched another account over to them because of the good service they provided.

Why does this story merit a mention here? Simply because it’s important to realize how customers feel when they are treated well, and to laud those companies which learn to treat their customers right.

Are you treating your customers well?