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July 2010

Using Social Media the Wrong Way

As the choices in Social Media became more widely known, many businesses have hopped on the bandwagon, attempting to grow their business in new venues. Some have been fairly successful at this, while others have failed to make much headway. In some cases, similar companies have seen differing results, while the businesses themselves are almost […]

In-house and Out-sourced

A debate got quite lively over at On Startups regarding the benefits of the two options a company has when it comes to developing technology, that is, should the development be outsourced, or should a team be hired internally (Is Hiring Another Software House to Build my Web-based App Prototype a Good Idea?). I am […]

Play Golf to Promote Your Business

I recently went to a driving range for the very first time, in preparation for my first round of golf. Different from the other sports in which I participate (cycling and hockey) in that there’s a lot less physical effort and much more mental effort, I wasn’t convinced that playing golf would really be of […]

Why the Decor can be too Expensive

In my previous article, I justified spending relatively large amounts of money on your office decor. The justification was along the lines of showing your potential clients how their money is spent, and in the long run, it will pay for itself with acceptable higher fees. I was then informed that Walmart, with top gross […]

Why Decor is Worth the Price

I had a conversation a few days ago about the decor of an office, and why it might be worth the expenditure to have nice decor. Rather than give you my thoughts on the topic, I’ll repeat what we talked about, and let you weigh in with your opinions. An accounting firm had recently acquired […]

Crunch at the End of Time

I’ve worked on many projects over the years, and I’ve noticed something in common with all of them. No matter how big or small the project, no matter how long or short the time line, the closer to the end of the project I get, the tighter the deadline seems. In discussion with several other […]