Self Rebranding

If you have not yet noticed, my site has a new name (“Advice for Small Business Owners”), along with a new slogan (“Helping small business owners solve the issues they face on a daily basis”). Other things are changing as well – I’m starting to display some information about my site on my site. I’m having new business cards designed. I’m thinking about how my newsletter should change, and how I’m going to go about doing that. I’m thinking of changing the look of this site (no, not the content, but perhaps a more cutting edge design).

I’m looking more into finding ways to promote my business, and I’m doing it with a whole new look. In short, I’m rebranding myself.

Why? Because this site represents my journey over the past couple years, but does not represent my future. It represents what me and my business have done, what we want to do, but not where the business is going. It’s time to change that.

This isn’t really about just me and my company though. It’s something every business should go through every once in a while. Similar to goal setting, which I’ve discussed here many times, this is about seeing your future, and showing it to the world.

When was the last time you truly showed your customers where it is you want to go? When have you demonstrated to your clients how your business works, and where they in particular fit into the grand scheme of things? When was the last time you even thought about these questions?

Going through a rebranding exercise can make you do all this and more. When you rebrand, you’re looking for the image, whether visual or otherwise, that best represents your company both in terms of where you are today, as well as in terms of where you would like to be a year or longer from now. You’re trying to represent yourself to an unknown audience, without being there. You’re giving away material, but you aren’t there to explain it.

What does your brand say about you? What do your clients think your brand is? If the answers aren’t the same, you should take a close look at how you present yourself, and why others don’t see your image in the same light that you do.