The Personal Brand

Sam ZipurskySam Zipursky is a Brand Consultant, Internet Marketer, and aspiring Digital Nomad. He spends most of his time focusing on the connection between internet, branding, design and marketing. He is one of the authors from the how to become a consultant blog Business Consulting Buzz. He is also a Co-Founder with Advicetap – The place where Canadian marketing and creative professionals find gigs and build connections with other professionals.

These days more than ever it’s really important to have a personal brand strategy in place. Whether you’re a freelancer, consultant, small business owner, or even someone working at a large corporation, it’s crucial to not only understand what it means but also be thinking about and applying what you know.

So what exactly is your personal brand?

Simply put, your personal brand is how the world around you sees and remembers you. For the point of this blog post I’m referring to what happens when someone types your name into Google? Do you get desirable and consistent results? Results that you control? This means thinking about all the information you have out there online – Twitter account, Facebook, Linkedin, Blogs, Websites, etc. The name of the game is here is consistency.

Grab all internet real estate with your full name

The first step is to take your full name and apply that to everything you do from your domain name, to your blog URL, to your twitter and LinkedIn accounts. For me I have uncommon last name so it was easy for me to register,, etc, etc. If you do have an uncommon last name like me then you should make sure you register all your accounts like I have as it’s the best way to control the search engine results.

What if my name is already taken?

While it’s not ideal, don’t panic there is still lots that you can do. Think outside the box here. Can you use your initials to make it all work? Can you throw in what you do at the end of your personal brand? So for example if my name was already taken and registered maybe I’d go with,, etc. I’m a designer so I would use my first name initial, last name, and then what I do. I think you get the point!

Things to remember

Once you choose the user name you want to go with and it’s available, stick to that with all your personal websites and online accounts. Of course when you’re designing your websites and filling in your profiles you should still fill in your full name and details (as this is how Google will know it’s you). The point here is that you have a consistent user name that is easy to associate with you and what you do across all your different online accounts.


I’m just skimming the surface here on how you can establish your personal brand online. If you remember one thing from this post please remember to be consistent in all your online profiles. Also if you want to learn more about this important subject there’s an amazing blog by personal branding expert Dan Schawbel