Best Kind of Advertising

There are two kinds of advertising, one of which has significantly more value than the other.

First, of course, is the kind you pay for – taking ads out in print media, buying radio spots, paying for television spots. You can get online and by ad space on various sites, or run an AdWords campaign. A graphic artist can generate some sleek content, a media company can extend the quality of the various ads.

At the end of the day, people viewing the ads know that you paid for them, and everything in those ads is heavily biased to show a particular point of view.

The other kind of advertising is endorsement from other people. Looking at many sites, you will see feedback posted from former or current clients trying to show how other people approve of the product. Look at the back of books, and you will see excerpts from reviews by well-known newspapers or magazines.

All this, however, is merely a biased selection of endorsements from other people which the author or owner of the business or product has chosed to display. Naturally, they will not choose to print the negative feedback.

However, when reviews are coming from other people, even when the quality of writing or visual impact is not as high as something your own team of graphic artists and writers could have produced, the impact to the audience is so much greater.

What does this mean to you?

Good advertising is earned, not bought. In order to get this recognition, there are two things you can do:

  1. You can make sure the quality of what you have to present is high, such that when the right person finds your product, they will be suitably impressed;
  2. You can make yourself easy to find by promoting yourself (without becoming obnoxious) in the right places.