First Steps for a New Business

I just helped another business get started. No, I wasn’t involved in the product or service being run by the business, but rather, in setting up the business in the world of mass communication and interaction.

My wife registered as a Fitness Instructor, and is running a few classes in the area. As she just started running a couple new classes, she wanted to make sure that enough people knew about the classes to get a decent showing each time. This is where I came into play.

While she focused on getting her classes set up, finding a new location for each one, and working out details with the various locations, I thought about her ability to market herself online. She already had a page on Facebook from some previous classes, so she quickly posted an advertisement there.

Next, we registered her domain name – – to make sure that we had something to start with. While she may not always use her own name for her business, it would buy her some time until she decides what name to operate under. Additionally, with her name becoming in use and people searching for her online, it is prudent to own your own name online.

She would need more than a domain, though, she would need a website. Nothing terribly fancy, but a place where she could post her class schedule, push out additional information about herself and the classes she runs, and most of all, begin working on her mailing list. For all this, the answer was a basic hosting plan with WordPress running on it. The famous 5-minute setup actually takes a little longer in elapsed time, but also means that once set up, she could manage the content of the site on her own.

A couple hours after starting, she had a website up and running. It included a mail sign-up form (using G-Lock Opt-in), a basic schedule, and some basic information. Analytics for the site were added so that she can track visitors to her site, and a contact form to allow people to get in touch with her was added.

The entire cost for this was less that $100, the elapsed time was about 3 hours from start to finish. The result was that she’s set up and ready to go, with all the basic pieces in place for whenever she chooses to use it.

When you started your latest idea for a business, did you put all this into place? What else did you do to help your business get itself off on the right start?