Great Customer Service

At the suggestion of my accountant, I went onto the Intuit website to purchase a copy of QuickBooks. I had been told that by mentioning my accounting firm, I would be eligible for a 10% discount. However, when it came time to place the order, I could not find a way to inform Intuit of the referral.

For $20, I might have just bought the program in any case, and forgo the discount. However, a box appeared on the screen asking if I wanted to talk to Customer Service. I figured it couldn’t hurt, and 30 seconds later I was talking to a sale representative.

After explaining what I was trying to do (namely, get a discount on the software), I was told that this could not be done through the website, but that a representative could call me who could handle the discount. He asked for a number at which I could be reached, as well as a convenient time (to which I responded I was available all afternoon).

A few minutes later, my phone rang. It was a sales representative who took my information, placed the order, applied a 20% discount when I gave him the accounting firm’s phone number, and emailed me a receipt.

I thought the process was over, but a couple minutes later, I got a second email, this one asking if I would be willing to complete a survey about my experience. Happy to oblige, I opened the survey to discover a total of 4 questions: language of preference, then the nature of the service call (in my case, to make a purchase), and two ranking questions. There was also a box to fill in comments if I so chose. The entire survey was done in under a minute.

There were many things about this experience that struck me as well handled.

First, someone was there to answer questions as soon as I needed the help. While he couldn’t deal with my issue, he was able to collect enough information to pass me over to someone who could.

Second, I was called at a convenient time, which the representative knew was convenient because I had already confirmed my availability.

Third, I ended up with a bigger discount than I expected because of my patience. When in doubt, they assumed that the amount of my discount was the maximum they give out, rather than asking me to clarify.

Fourth, the follow-up email came right away, and didn’t take me long to fill out. It got straight to the point, let me put in as much or as little information as I had time to deal with, and was over.