You Have to Love What You Do

I was giving some career advice to my brother, who is thinking of starting his own business so that he could be in control of his own destiny. Since he wasn’t sure what type of business he would like to start, I suggested that he find something he loves, and see if he can turn that into a career. Within minutes, he came up with working out, and I suggested he look into becoming a Personal Trainer, and find out what it would take to become successful on that path.

However, at a more fundamental level, what’s important is that you love what you do, and the reason is that when you’re running your own business, it isn’t always a smooth road. Sometimes things go well, and everyone is happy. Clients get the service or products they need, employees are being treated nicely, vendors are aligned with your own goals.

Sometimes, though, the road is rough. While the ending may be sunny, you need some motivation to make you stick with it. You need something (other than cash) to convince you that it’s worth running along this road. If you love the work you do, then the motivation is the fact that while you may not enjoy this particular period of time, you do in fact enjoy the bigger picture of the work you’re involved in.

I love what I do. Not every day, and I have certainly had my share of sleepless nights wondering whether my business will survive one crisis or another. But what pushes me to persevere is that I know that ultimately the crisis will be water under the bridge, I’ll have learned how to deal with yet another situation, and my business will be stronger for it.

And at the same time, I do, in fact, love the work I do.