When You Feel You’ve Made It

There was a quote from Robert Herjavec, one of the Dragons on Dragons’ Den, when asked if he’s ever looked back on his life and came to the realization that he’s “made it”:

I believe the minute you begin to think that way is the minute you begin to erode.

There’s another saying that I think reflects this thought quite well:

If you’re going to dream, dream big.

If you are aiming high, then your success is a function of your ability to reach those lofty goals. If you find that you’re reaching your goals easily, then perhaps you haven’t set your goals high enough. Goals are made to make you stretch, to push the boundaries of what you can do. If you aren’t stretching, then you may very well be contracting.

If you start to look at your life, and think about how far you’ve come, then that can be motivating to push yourself further ahead. However, if you start thinking along the lines of “I made it!” is an indication that you have not set your goals far enough, as you have time to go further, but don’t have anywhere to stretch.