A Time for Coffee, A Time for Coke

Despite being attached to coffee to the point that I am highly unproductive without any coffee, and can increase my productivity relative to the amount of coffee I’ve drunk that day, I still refuse to drink it in the evening. Once dinner is over, if caffeine is required, coke will have to suffice.

The reasoning is simple – the effect of coffee is not as extreme as that of coke, but it lasts significantly longer.

This is an analogy to life as a business owner. At times, we must be like coffee, plodding away at a steady rate as our business grows and develops a level of stability.We must look to our current customer base, and ensure that they are being provided for and are happy. The business moves into a rut in which it can be productive and does not look for anything that may significantly impact the status quo.

At other times, changes happen fast, and perhaps at a rate that is not maintainable for very long, and the result may not be completely stable. New opportunities may be explored, calculated risks taken. Perhaps new customers are being wined and dined, and the workload for the business grows beyond its capacity, and other decisions have to be made.

Staying too long in either state can be disastrous for a business. Without taking advantage of new opportunities, of taking risk, the business will stagnate. On the other hand, a business which is constantly taking risks may wake up one day to find that it has no core customers, that the internal workings of the business do not work.

As with all things in life, everything in moderation.