Persistence is Required

Looking at the website for a local fitness center, I noticed that they had 2 portions of their site devoted to news. One was a banner across the top of the site, posting information about changes to their schedule. The other was a Twitter feed.

The banner seemed to contain fairly current information – it had a cancelled class and a new class starting, both pieces of information being about a week old. Not too bad for a gym with a relatively stable schedule.

The Twitter feed was more disturbing. It had not been updated in about a year. Looking around at the rest of the site, signs of neglect were everywhere. Schedules were out of date, information was no longer current.

It had the feel of a passing fad.

In social media, and online in general, being current is incredibly important. If some information is clearly dated, visitors will quickly leave. While a website and a Twitter account are by no means expensive, they can cost quite a bit in terms of lost business.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find motivation to keep going, but persistence is required. It took 9 months of writing articles on this site before I made my first sale that I could attribute directly to my writing, but it paid for that effort. Even when you think there are no visitors reading, you continue to write, to update, to maintain a sense of freshness.

You never know when the big break will come, and you don’t want to have only yourself to blame for not being prepared.