Keep the Learning Growing

Continuing with the theme of basic pieces of advice, today’s suggestion is in regard to your learning.

I left university having had enough of sitting in the classroom. My degree took 5 years to complete, having added and removed subjects several times. I was ready to move out into the real world, despite the messages constantly being sent during the school years that the workload was preparing me for life.

I have never worked as hard as I did in school.

Being in a real job, whether for someone else, or for myself, made me realize that I have a fair bit of spare time, times when I don’t have other responsibilities. I then did something I would not have considered prior to starting the job – I started learning again.

Some learning was formal, presented in a classroom, with assignments, tests, and marks. Most, however, was the informal learning that I know to be one of the keys to success. Every discussion I had, every event I participated in, every situation that arose, all were opportunities to learn.

Constantly absorbing what happens around you in a work environment can be tougher than my fourth year algorithms course (ranked one of the most difficult courses offered by the university). Reflecting on the situations and making their lessons part of your being increase your value, just as getting a few more letters after your name can do the same.

To succeed, you need to keep learning. Any opportunity you have to sharpen your mind, increase your knowledge and understanding of your business and its environment, can only help you succeed.