New Venture in Marketing

I’ve started working on a new marketing venture for a personal trainer (okay, it’s my wife – but I’m treating it to some extent how I would treat a client project).

The Background

My wife is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. Her basic business model is that she makes house calls for her clients, providing them with a personalized training regimen. She’s looking to increase her client volume.

So far, she’s built a website (for which she’s in the process of providing additional information) and advertised in a few local publications (a community newsletter and a community email list).

The Idea

While chatting with a friend, she was given the idea to start posting something a little different on her site – a weekly menu. The idea here would be to increase traffic to the site, by attracting people looking for ideas for their menu, and providing, in addition to a list of meals, the recipes used (with links to the cookbooks on Amazon).


The premise of the idea is actually pretty good.

While menus and personal training may initially seem to have little in common, one of the keys to being fit is healthy eating. While not a nutritionist, a personal trainer will often make sure that they are following a healthy diet. As such, people looking for healthy eating ideas may be interested in personal training, and the inverse is true as well.

Having linked the two ideas conceptually, the next step is to determine the value in the idea.

The returns from this idea come from a few sources.

  1. There are the links to the cookbooks where the idea for the recipe came from, which can result in affiliate revenues.
  2. An increase in the number of individual pages will help boost SEO rankings.
  3. Increase traffic can result in a higher level of familiarity with her target market – so that when someone needs a personal trainer, her name will come to mind.


The site was set up for this project over the past few days. We found a nice plugin was found for the recipes (Easy Recipe) which made it easy to create recipes, including providing a clean way to print the recipes with an ad for the site across the bottom. We created a page for the site that only displays these posts, and shared the first post on Facebook for some initial feedback.

The feedback has so far been positive, but the true test of its success will be in whether or not any of the visitors become clients. For that, only time will tell.