Optimal Upgrade Consulting was founded in January 2009. At the time it was founded, the projects being accepted were varied in nature, from a custom desktop application for managing a charity’s inventory, to customized scripting on a music education program. Since that time, the nature of our work has changed, but our goals have only become more clear.

Quite simply, at Optimal Upgrade Consulting, our goal is to:

…to provide consistently good service to all clients, to provide qualified referrals when needed, and to ensure that all our clients needs are being fulfilled…

To achieve those goals, we constantly review our processes and feedback from clients to determine how we can improve. It’s a constant learning experience in which the client will consistently see improved service.

Elie Kochman

Elie Kochman

Elie is the founder of Optimal Upgrade Consulting.

I had been working on a variety of projects and was looking to expand the services I could offer my clients. With a background in software development, I have worked in a number of industries, constantly learning not only technical skills directly related to my work, but also about business processes that indirectly affected me. I have worked on developing corporate policies to ensure stable applications being distributed to clients, as an instructor, as a developer, and as a team lead.

As my understanding of how businesses are run, and having worked with a variety of clients, I came to the realization that many small business owners do not have the knowledge they need to smoothly expand their businesses. Much of this is referred to as “growing pains”, however, I am of the firm belief that we can learn from the mistakes others have made.

This site, or, more precisely, the blog on this site, was started as a direct result of that realization. There are, generally speaking, two types of articles in this blog. The first are those that discuss issues business owners face, and some methods and suggestions for dealing with those issues. The second are those that chronicle the growth of Optimal Upgrade Consulting, and some of the growing pains this business has gone through.

If you would like to contact me directly, please e-mail ekochman@optimalupgrades.com and include the phrase “from your blog” in the subject line.