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Mathematics of Hiring

At what point does it make sense to hire someone for your business? How much should you pay your new employee? These are questions that are asked on both sides of the table – the business owner expanding the size of their business, and on the side of the prospective employee, trying to get paid […]

Hunting for Space

Having recently gone on a search for office space, I realized that I had not the faintest idea of what I should be looking for, or at. I knew what the space was going to be used for, but not what kind of space I would want, nor what types of terms and conditions would […]

Where to Splurge, Where to Save

In any business, there are things you try to save money on, others, you spend what it costs. For example, you might try to pick up your desks on clearance sale, but spend what it takes to get good lighting. Or, you might buy refurbished computers for your workstations, but have the top-of-the-line servers for […]

Start Fresh or Expand and Modify?

This question is faced by programmers just about every time they are presented with code which they did not write, and have been asked to fix. Our ego tells us that we can do a much better job than the original programmer, that the entire code is a waste, and should be completely thrown out. […]

Tolerance for Error

Most areas of life have some tolerance for error in them. In work environments in particular, there is usually some tolerance for error, but often, it is dependent not on the person making the error, but on someone else. As such, the topic of this article is the tolerance for error on the part of […]

A Preferencial NDA Clause

I recently had to look over several contracts, each which was for the same purpose, but all three were quite different. One was 2 pages, another 9, and the third 18. All three, however, contained the same basic elements – who the contract was between, what the purpose of the contract was, and several clauses […]

If You Have Time to Do It Twice

There’s a saying that I’m fond of quoting: If you have time to do it twice, you had time to do it right the first time. That is, any time spent correcting the work done the first time around could have been spent during the first iteration to do it correctly in the first place. […]

What’s Your Mindset?

Every company has a mindset, and it often reflects the personality of the person leading the company. If the leader of the company is laid back and likes to operate his business that way, then the impression that filters down will be one of a laid-back attitude. If he’s a stickler for the rules, then […]