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Speak Your Message Clearly

I was watching a motivational video recently in which the subjects of several stories were interviewed for the show. Each story was different, each story carried a message that contributed to the overall message of the video. There was a problem, though. One of the subjects was mumbling. I tried to hear what he had […]

Sales in the Online World

There are two general attitudes toward sales, one which has its roots in the history of the industry, the other which was developed as a result of changes in technology. Unfortunately, despite the knowledge available that the old system is fundamentally flawed, there are still many people who will tout its merits. The Old System […]

Twitter – Boon or Bane of Business

For any of you who have yet to join the site, Twitter is a micro-blogging site in which each post is 140 characters or less. People “follow” the posts of other people, and have their own posts followed. Coupled with the ability to search for topics of interest and to share and filter information quickly, […]

Project and Hourly Pricing

One of the most difficult parts of my job is how I price projects for prospective clients. The benefit of project-based pricing to the client is quite simple: they can easily budget for the project with some level of confidence that the price will not change. Combine that with my attitude of sticking to the […]

I Won’t Steal Your Idea

As a consultant to various small businesses, I’ll be approached by people to discuss their business, and ideas for how they might expand. Since I’m also in the business of application development, I’ll also hear about their ideas for new websites. Sooner or later (usually sooner) they’ll raise the question: How do I know you […]

Complete Without Documentation is Not Complete

There are several components to every project, and there’s one particular component that will cause many participants in the project effort to groan, and that’s documentation. Having worked for a company where the effort to document could often exceed the effort to implement, I’m quite familiar with the feeling of frustration when it comes to […]

Get Some Skin in the Game

There’s a fairly well known rule in propositioning to potential investors – make sure you have some personal investment in the business or you risk losing all interest up front. The reason for this is fairly simple – the investor wants to see that you believe in the idea enough to take some risk before […]

Using Social Media the Wrong Way

As the choices in Social Media became more widely known, many businesses have hopped on the bandwagon, attempting to grow their business in new venues. Some have been fairly successful at this, while others have failed to make much headway. In some cases, similar companies have seen differing results, while the businesses themselves are almost […]