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My Business and Homemade Liqueur

Sunday evening I decanted a couple bottles of coffee liqueur which I had made several months earlier. It’s been 18 months since I made my first batch, and I reflected on the fact that my business is quite similar to the process of making a bottle of homemade liqueur. Experiment First, there’s the fact that […]

Recurring Revenues

This question was raised over at Advice Tap by Susan Varty (WordTree) – how to create recurring income in a consulting-based business. There were some good answers there, but for a more complete answer, one must understand why people will pay recurring fees in the first place. In a service-based business, recurring fees are simple […]

Why Bother with Referrals

I was following an interesting conversation over at Advice Tap last week regarding referrals: I often recommend my clients to colleagues of mine like graphic/web designers as well as other agencies if I can’t take on the job. What is the protocol for this, or process? Cinci Csere I posted a quick answer to the […]

Waiting for a Break

We aren’t all so unlucky as to lose our jobs, forcing us to work hard for our success. We won’t all be so lucky as to have someone drop $100,000 in our laps to try to build our latest idea into a business. But we all have the ability to just work hard at creating a solid product that fills a need, and if we focus on that, our success will be that much sweeter.

Pitching for a Homerun

If you spend time networking, or if you are the owner of a small business, you are constantly on the lookout for ways to promote yourself. You have a business card that has your contact information, and a website that has more detailed information about your business. However, you need something more – you need […]

Bookkeeping and Libraries

I recently held discussions with several small business owners regarding bookkeeping, and came away surprised that they all held the same opinion, for the same reasons, and were all wrong. Oops, that sounds ego-centric and conceited. I guess I should clarify the discussion, opinions, and the facts, and perhaps you will agree with me. The […]

Surviving a Crash

This is a topic I’ve seen written about fairly often, and I believe the reason it keeps hitting the radar of writers is the fact that many business owners don’t really think about it. Perhaps it’s the nature of people to block out unwelcome thoughts, but in truth, we only create potentially larger problems by […]

Finding the Right Medium

In any business, there is a preferred means of reaching out to potential client. One business might use newspaper ads, another might prefer radio or television, and yet another might focus on their online presence. A solid marketing plan, however, will not only target all of those mediums, but balance them against one another. In […]