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Fundamental Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes, change needs to happen. Often, the acknowledgement of this is triggered by a major event, also known as a wake-up call. There are really two ways to go about handling this, and I’ll describe both, along with practical examples of each. After that, I leave it to you to decide how you might proceed. […]

Generation WHY

Although there is no clear-cut date for when Generation Y began, or when it ended (if, in fact, it has already ended, although this is a near-universal opinion), I am personally part of that generation, being born in 1982. However, it wasn’t until recently that I thought of myself in such terms, and then largely […]

True Relationships

I recently accepted a contract working for a small company. I was interviewed by the two owners of the company before being retained, and was introduced to their significant others. Between the time that we signed the contract and when I started working for them (there was almost a month gap there) I invited them […]

A Matter of Choice

I attended a lecture this week in which the speaker was discussing the concept of choices. His conclusion, based on a variety of arguments, is that the fundamental difference between people is the choices we make. I then reflected on a conversation I had with an entrepreneur last week, in which we were discussing the […]

I Hope People Hate My Product

I’m a bit strange, I know, but this sounds weird even for me. Yet it’s true – I really do hope that people hate my product, despise my services. I find it encouraging when someone tells me how awful something I’ve done is. Why? When I hear someone tell me I did something wrong, I […]

A Matter of Perspective

Sometimes, a situation needs to be viewed from another perspective. Often, though, it’s only someone who isn’t in that situation who can see the other side of the coin. As people, we have a tendency to believe ourselves to be correct. A common complaint of teenagers, for example, is that others don’t understand them. Years […]

Watch Your Back

I’m much too young to remember this, but there was a time when a man’s word was as good as done. A handshake was worth more than a contract written by a team of top lawyers. This was mentioned in the play Jersey Boys when Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio seal a deal with a […]

Mixing Family and Business

There’s a well known saying, which is expressed in a variety of ways, but essentially boils down to the simple statement: Family and business don’t mix. However, in recent months, I’ve witnessed cases where family and business truly don’t mix, and other cases where it was perhaps because of family involvement that the business was […]