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Elimination of Process by Process of Elimination

Time spent on dealing with process is wasteful, and yet, many companies find that they spend more time with the process than they do with actual work. Make sure you’re not one of those companies!

Whose Problem are You Solving?

One of the main focuses of my company, Optimal Upgrade Consulting, is to look at the core problem our clients are trying to solve. This may or may not be the same problem as the one the client thinks they have, simply because they are often unaware of available solutions to the real problem they […]

The Rules of the Game

There are few, if any, situations in life which do not have rules. Sometimes the rules are vague, others are very specific. But there are always rules, although a new inductee into the field may not be able to discern them. Business has its own set of rules. Some govern how we advertise our business […]

Project versus Hourly Pricing

When working on a large project, there are generally two ways to bill for the project – by the hour, or by the project. In an earlier article, I discussed the system I use to determine a price for a project. My hourly rate is determined based on how much I want to earn, and […]

Are Your Customers Happy?

In businesses of all size, keeping your customers happy is important, but measuring that can be quite difficult for some businesses. In past articles, I’ve discussed the handling of negative image incidents, such as how the Toronto Transit Commission handled the picture of a sleeping collector agent, and how Toyota handled the safety flaw in […]

When Time Runs Out

I came to a realization last night that my various commitments will eventually cause time to run out if I’m not careful, and I suspect that I am not alone in this situation. In fact, anyone who is working a full-time job alongside some moon-lighting, factor in a family, and some time for friends, not […]

Balance of Founders

As I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, I spend a significant amount of time on various Q & A sites, mostly on either LinkedIn, or on Answers on Startups. Recently, I’ve noticed a few questions come up where the answers all came down to a very simple point – what is the ideal […]

Can You Spare Some Time?

A common topic in the programming business is how to avoid doing work for free, or close to it. There are various permutations of this: Job postings offering $50 and “lots more work from my friends” to build a custom built eCommerce site with its own payment processing system Friends asking you to spend an […]