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Negotiating a Raise

Many employees, having put in their time working at a perceived discount rate, begin to mull the possibility of getting a raise. The thought process involved often involves self-justification in terms of what they deserve or are entitled to. The walk to the decision-maker and subsequent bursting of the balloon leaves them upset, perhaps to […]

Take a Chance and Reduce Risk

A few times over the last few months I had been thinking about risk, and the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I’ve held discussions with various people, and while I have not had any great epiphany, I have realized that it’s only once you think about this that you truly understand. Before working exclusively for myself, I worked […]

Go Anywhere – Just Go Away

I was informed today that starting in October, I will be back playing hockey once a week. This was not prompted by myself, but by my wife, who suggested that having taken 2 years off from playing, it’s about time I get back on the ice. No, this isn’t about me having a sedentary lifestyle […]

Business Health Checkup

As the month of July comes to a close, I realized that it has been a while since I’ve discussed the importance and use of goals for business owners. Naturally, we are aware of having goals, most people setting some in their personal lives at various points in time. However, it is just as important […]

Partial Criticism

I had a conversation with a client today who was discussing a particular problem he was facing in his business. His employees produce, in general, fantastic work at a pretty high level of quality. Their work, as a rule, is exemplary. Their communication skills, however, leave something to be desired. The problem he has is […]

All About the Product

With the growth of social media over the last few years, more companies are coming to the realization that creating a reputable business that attracts customers is about more than the product. There is now a demand for interaction – consumers want to know who they are dealing with, and they want to be treated […]

Mixing Family and Business

There’s a well known saying, which is expressed in a variety of ways, but essentially boils down to the simple statement: Family and business don’t mix. However, in recent months, I’ve witnessed cases where family and business truly don’t mix, and other cases where it was perhaps because of family involvement that the business was […]

Start Fresh or Expand and Modify?

This question is faced by programmers just about every time they are presented with code which they did not write, and have been asked to fix. Our ego tells us that we can do a much better job than the original programmer, that the entire code is a waste, and should be completely thrown out. […]