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Are Your Customers Happy?

In businesses of all size, keeping your customers happy is important, but measuring that can be quite difficult for some businesses. In past articles, I’ve discussed the handling of negative image incidents, such as how the Toronto Transit Commission handled the picture of a sleeping collector agent, and how Toyota handled the safety flaw in […]

Site Review: Under 30 CEO

There are many people who are tired of working for someone else. Tired of working for some large corporation. Tired of working in a business built by members of previous generations. We have something in common. We belong to Generation Y. I made the discovery of a group of people dedicated to helping members of […]

Site Review – Business Plans

This is a relatively short post, as the site in this case speaks for itself. Business Plans is owned and operated by Palo Alto Software to help other entrepreneurs run better businesses. Their site contains many tools, tutorials, and templates for standard business documents, and will help you answer questions about your startup expenses and […]

Site Review: Alltop

I recently had my site added to Small Business on Alltop (scroll down to the bottom – I’m not the last site on the page, but close). This got me thinking about the concept of the site itself, and what it represents. First, for those of you who don’t already know, Alltop is essentially an […]

The Quick (but not Dirty) Guide to Online Marketing

Jason Clegg is an entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience building business and marketing on the web. He manages a full service Internet Marketing firm and writes about entrepreneurship and business topics at www.JasonClegg.com. If you know absolutely nothing or very little about marketing your business online, I’m here to help.  I’ve spent the […]

Site Review: SCORE

This week’s feature article is about a great business resource that I use time and time again – SCORE. The basic description of SCORE comes from their site: SCORE, the “Counselors of America’s Small Business Owners”, is a national association dedicated to helping small business owners form and grow their businesses. Unfortunately, their own description […]

Blogging Guide

Actually, this document is titled “The Income Blogging Guide” and contains a mix of text, audio, and video. It’s free, and was sent to me by Robb Sutton. Considering that Robb generally sends few links, and he gave his recommendation for it, I figured I would give it a look. To get your copy, go […]

Product Review: Amazon Kindle

The Kindle is a joy to use, but it does have a few flaws…