Custom Software Development

Optimal Upgrade Consulting has extensive experience developing both desktop and web-based applications. With expertise in a wide variety of technologies and languages, backed by a network of carefully selected vendors for an even greater variety of languages and platforms, we can help your ideas come to life. From Java and PHP with a variety of free and Open-Source technologies, to various languages in the .NET platform, from Oracle to MySQL, we can develop an application to satisfy your needs and meet your expectations.

All software development now goes through staged development, using a mix of various development methodologies.

  1. Initial assessment during which the needs and goals of the project are defined;
  2. Overall design of the application, and selection of technologies to satisfy the design;
  3. Iterative development of the application, with constant feedback between the developers and the client;
  4. Testing of the application, including exposure to typical users;
  5. Launch of application with full support for varying amounts of time.

By keeping in constant communication with all interested parties, we reduce the risk of mis-understood requirements, and ensure that expectations are being met throughout the project.